Crypto Creator Course

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Turn your interests for crypto into something more: a personal brand, a one-person business, or a way to create & connect with others, all by becoming a crypto creator.

build your expertise, build your audience, enjoy yourself while doing it (assuming you enjoy crypto)

What can I expect from this course?

  • a full course covering multiple different rabbit holes for turning a passion for crypto into your own one-person media operation, guided by personal experience.
  • Learn Video Content Creation: From the basics like how to make thumbnails and titles to guiding you into which types of content YOU should focus on for maximum growth while still pursuing your interests, how to build an audience around your interests, documenting your progress & how to make it interesting, how to grow your reach and get viewers while you are still small & even more course content around turning your crypto passion into a business utilizing YouTube long-form & short-form platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels.
  • Learn Social Media & Writing: How you can build an audience using social media outside of just video content creation but with writing about your interests in a way that will engage people. This method focuses on Twitter and other writing-based media apps to leverage your ideas and thoughts on your crypto passions and also comes with case studies outside of my experience in leveraging this method alongside my video content.
  • MULTIPLE Bonus methods & ideas for making your own path as a crypto creator, including how to turn crypto project ideas into reality, as well as how to use cryptocurrency structures of raising funds for your ideas & methodologies for a plunge into your own NFT Projects.
  • DM me anytime with priority in response for course members in regards to any questions you have about the course content or any challenges you run into while on your way to becoming a crypto creator.
  • Discord community for like-minded people and access to be accountable for your creative output on your journey to turning a passion for crypto or ANYTHING into something more.

What’s Inside This course? (See picture below)

& Much more inside each individual module to cover all your bases.

Why buy?

All-in-one systems for becoming a professional level creator, buy once, built to save you money from sourcing multiple courses of information across the internet, dedicated to people trying to create content in crypto.

Avoid tax trouble when earning crypto income by learning the mistakes I made that cost my $100,000+

Who am I?

My name is Jack & I've been creating things all my life, but only in the past few years did I make the discovery that I can make money and build a one-person media operation around myself using the power of the internet.

I’ve made over 1000+ videos in the past 3 years and amassed millions of views and 10s of thousands of followers all while following my personal crypto interests.

I’ve made over $400,000 in the past 1.5 years leveraging my online platforms and personal brand & am now here to share with you how you can become a crypto creator.

Check out my channel here:

This course is for you if…

  • you are passionate about crypto, NFTs &, or blockchain technology
  • you want to create something of value for other people while exploring your own curiosity
  • you want to earn more than just a massive stockpile of meme coins while you learn more about your passions in crypto
  • you want to take control of your passion for crypto and turn it into something more
  • you have the desire to work for yourself or create things yourself
  • you have no experience in crypto and want to learn how you can document your learning while monetizing your journey
  • you have experience in crypto and want to learn of multiple ways to monetize your unique knowledge and experiences
  • you want more ways to control your crypto earning potential outside of just your portfolio performance

    There are no refunds for this course. However you have my permission to share the knowledge you find inside with your friends or communities as much as you please.

    Thanks for reading to this point, if you have any questions, DM me on discord @jackfriks#1602 or email me
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Get my complete guide to help you turn your crypto passions into a business or media empire (by yourself) Backed by 25,000 crypto subscribers 😉

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Crypto Creator Course

0 ratings
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