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Retire your social media addiction, your phone, and the scroll: so you can get a roll of doing the s**t that actually matters instead.

A new path to curb your scrolling addiction. Yes, this is a book all about helping you scroll less, but no this is not the same old advice. "Block all the apps" "Delete your phone!" - what? "Make your phone grayscale!" - no no no...

How about this: Become someone else, someone better. Become the person who doesn't need to delete any of the apps. Because you simply have better things you'd rather be spending your time on and you spend your time on those things. Align your ideal self with your ideal priorities. This book is setup to help you do just that, with a new path. One led by your own interests and genuine curiosities.

What is a LIVE Preorder?
This Book is about 60% done at the moment, as it stands I'm asking people who are interested to PREORDER it so you can:
1) Read it with live updates (daily)
2) Help me make the book the best it can be so we can help more people scroll less and live more.
3) Help me shift the global consciousness from consumption addicts to creator fanatics.
4) Scroll less and live more (duh!)

Benefits of preordering:
- Full access to the WIP Book document (updated daily) ~39,000 words so far, 60% done.
- Ability to comment and make live suggestions...
- So you can help me make the book the best it can be (and help 1000s of other people in the process)
- You get the book in its final edited form (in like a year)

You will also get complete access to my exclusive "Quencher Club" community! Which is a club for people who want to focus more on creating cool s**t and less on scrolling so much!

Current ‘Consumption Control’ Book Outline
Last updated: 03/04/2024

Best current Subtitle: Get off the scroll, and on a roll.

Preface: What is this book's aim? What problems will it help you solve for yourself? (help people do the shit that matters to them)

Provisions: A concise guide that may pack enough punch for you to get on your roll (and off the scroll) asap.

Pre Crap test: How addicted are you to social media NOW on a scale of 1 to 10

Section I: New Paradigm
Chapter 1: Keep Scrolling, Consume - Preparing to recreate thyself.
Chapter 2: Get Rolling, Create - Getting the ball rolling
Chapter something: The Maker Mindset - The only way to “make it”
Chapter something: More on creation - Why Creation > Consumption
Chapter something: Finding Obsession - As a vehicle for distraction/redirection
Chapter something: Quitting smoking (vs quitting scrolling) – Same thing.
Chapter something: Yes you can - Believing in yourself is step #1
Chapter something: Wishing to be better - Nothing changes if nothing changes
Chapter something: Becoming someone else - Recreation of thyself

Section II: Entrapment
Chapter something: Danger Sense - How to avoid potholes and pitfalls
Chapter something: The Fear of Being Bad - Why being bad is actually a great thing
Chapter something: Success Trap - You must keep planting seeds in order to bear fruit
Chapter something: Dopamine Addict - Brain chemicals worth living for
Chapter something: Prescriptions - Fixing the leaky gas tank
Chapter something: Your unique control - Getting lost on someone else’s path
Chapter something: You have enough time - Talking with a time master
Chapter something: Boring Stuff Matters - Finding peace and progress
Chapter something: Courage Depletion - Taking a worthwhile leap
Chapter something: Going Broke Is Simple - How the simple things matter
Chapter something: Online Hot Potato - How to escape a harmful cycle
Chapter something: Chapter Intermission - I almost quit here
Chapter something: The Trap of Having Enemies - Love is your best friend for a life of victory
Chapter something: The Need to Consume - Changing your needs
Chapter something: Consumption Decay - Creation over consumption

Section III: Rewiring
Chapter Something: You Must Believe - Starting today
Chapter Something: Rewire Your Brain to Enjoy Work - Redefining fun
Chapter Something: Reworking Dopamine - Finding your WHYs
Chapter Something: Finding Work That Feels Like Play
Chapter Something: Do your best - You deserve it
Chapter Something: Pulling a Reverse UNO - Better distractions
Chapter Something: Affordability - Adding up your pocket change
Chapter Something: You are what you tell yourself you are
Chapter Something: A Sign of Progress - When to keep going
Chapter Something: Falsehoods - Sidelining discouragement
Chapter Something: Consume Cleaner - You are what you eat

Section IV: Revelations
Chapter Something: Your Journey So Far - Time to celebrate
Chapter Something: The new you - Meeting up with your WHYs
Chapter Something: Character selection - Rebirth and reconcile
Post Crap test polling (short 2 question, 30 second reflection)

- Thank you note
- Side effects of making this book and an app to help people control consumption.
- Giving up on Giving Up Short series
- Do not lose hope for yourself, it’s okay to be afraid.
- Daily message to love thyself

End Result: Reader now has actionable advice they can go out into the world with and a new frame of they can use to rebirth their identify of a scroll addict to a curiosity quencher: an Intentional framework for navigating their toolkit of what used to be ‘endless distractions’ and is now ‘useful frameworks for quenching their curiosity’.

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Ordering this book you'll get full access to the LIVE Draft of the book (see word count below), which I work on every single day. You will also be able to make edits, comments, and suggestions. You will also get the eBook in PDF and EPUB Format (when it's ready)

Current Word Count
Final Word Count
Total Pages (Goal)
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Accountability and likeminded group of people who want to scroll less.
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Consumption Control eBook (Live Preorder)

0 ratings
I want this!